My name is Autumn Rinaldi and I am a St. Louis author. Some of my recent publications include ‘The Fix’ in The Indianola Review, ‘Left’ in Bareback Literary Journal, ‘The Night Before’ in The Rusty Nail, and ‘The Shadow’ in Weekender’s Magazine. I recently won 1st place in the Missouri Writers Guild First Chapter Contest, Horror Division.

Autumn_3991 I write literary fiction, but I find myself often steering head-on into horror/suspense and dollop on a good dose of satire. Pop culture is heavily explored. An avid fan of retro B-movies as well song-and-dance films that showcase good footwork, I find inspiration from directors like Hitchcock, Billy Wilder, Tarantino, and Kubrick, and from authors like Stephen King, Shirley Jackson, and John Irving.
When I am not writing or thinking about writing, music and art keep me busy, and in 2004-2005 received a B.A. in Vocal Performance and an M.A. in Studio Art/Photography. I am currently editing a monster of a novel and working on other creepy shorts in the meantime. I don’t always plan on my stories becoming creepy, but they often do so anyway. The (Un)stable Writers Group and the St. Louis Writers Guild are a constant source of support and insight. I have previously read for Poetry, Prose and Pints at Dressel’s Pub, and I’m always scoping out local lit readings.1428432510630

I love to frequent coffeehouses. The best coffee I’ve ever had was in Ostia, Italy, in a little hostel I can’t remember the name of, except in order to find it when I got lost around Ostia, I always looked for the discarded banana someone had left on the stone wall on the corner street. Whenever I visit someplace new, I walk around and pretend I am a local.